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Face of Pink

Winners of 2019


Luster’s New Face of Pink was designed to bring together our loyal consumers and our Pink brand of hair care. The contest not only rewards our loyal customers, but showcases the versatility of Luster’s Pink brand hair products that makes it so popular and beloved worldwide. Luster’s New Face of Pink was also designed to educate and inform new fashionistas about Pink, its proud heritage, and its relevance today in helping them achieve that classic or contemporary style they are looking for.


Introducing the Winners of The New Face of Pink 2019

Carmen Gowie, Tanya Murray, Pamela Oputa

DSC_2123 Tanya.jpg

Tanya Murray

 Tanya Murray, 30 - Health Professional

"Firstly let me start by saying that I feel very blessed and honoured to have had the opportunity to be one the New faces of Lusters Pink 2019. I literally grew up with this product !"

"Growing up, particularly within my teens, I was in the belief that having straight hair was the only way that I could look good and feel accepted in society. During those times the depiction of natural hair to me just seemed unpopular.

Now I ask myself, what was I afraid of?  Now, I can’t even be bothered to blow-dry my hair let alone straighten it. I am not against straight hair, however, I now know that I can look good either way, straight or curly. Embracing my natural hair texture was one of the best decisions I have made.  My notion now is why blend, when you can stand out!  "

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Carmen Gowie

​Carmen Gowie, 25 - Digital Creative

"I am currently building a non-profit  brand called AfroEduFashion, using my love for design print and African Textiles to aid and support people in West Africa into education or development skills."

"Sundays to me means hair day, just like when I was a little girl and I would love the smell of Pink Oil Moisturizer Lotion on my hair.  Today it is still a tradition and not only do I use the products on my hair, it's become part of my children's routine too."

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Pamela Face of Pink.jpeg

Pamela Oputa 

​Pamela Oputa, 25 - Physician Associate Student

"I am your average girl next door, I love spending time with my family and friends.  I am truly passionate about science and medicine and hope one day to make a difference in the health system in Nigeria"

"I was happy and couldn't believe I won The New Face of Pink. I love the products and use the Pink Shea Butter and Coconut range to keep my hair healthy and moisturised."

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Introducing the Winners of The New Face of Pink 2018

Jay Tyrone, Horcelie Sinda, Sharon Tolley


Jay Tyrone

Jay Tyrone, 25 - Model and Forex Trader

"Lusters Pink has always played a part in my life, from my childhood memories of using the Pink Moisturizing Lotion, to my teenage years using the Design Control Gel, and, now as an adult using the Shea Butter and Coconut range of products"

Horcelie Retouch.jpg

Horcelie Sinda

Horcelie Sinda, 24 - Artist, Youth Project Co-ordinator and Activist

"Not only are the products amazing for my hair, they are also affordable."



Sharon Tolley

Sharon Tolley, 24 - Student Adult Nurse

"My journey with Lusters Pink started in my birth country Zimbabwe, and Pink is still a part of my life in the UK. To me Pink is not just a hair brand, it’s a celebration of who we are"


Introducing the Winners of The New Face of Pink 2017

Carris-April Addy, Shereen Dixon, Christina Amadi

Cariss retouch afro.jpg

Carris-April Addy

Carris April Addy, 25 - Student of Mathematics

" Pink Lotion has always been in my home.  I've been using the Pink products since childhood"

Christina Amadi

Christina Amadi, 18 Student of Fashion

"I love the Pink Shea Butter and Coconut Oil Edge Gel.  Its the only thing that smooths my edges down and gives an all day lasting hold"


Shereen Dixon

Sherren Dixon, 24 Student of Business Management

"I've always loved Pink Sheen Spray, but I have just discovered the Pink Apricot for hair, skin and nails and is now my fave product"


 Introducing the Winners of The New Face of Pink 2016

Kerry Beckford, Sandra Nakawande, Nessa Bella


Kerry Beckford

Kerry Beckford, 25  - Make-Up Artist

"I thought I would give it a try and crossed my fingers.  I never imagined I'd be one of the winners!"

"Pink is a very well known brand and I always use the range and love the Shea Butter and Coconut Oil Conditioning Shampoo, its works great with my hair"


Sandra Nakawande

Sandra, 25 - Exercise Therapist

"I've always had it in my bathroom cabinet and I love to use the Pink Oil Moisturizer Lotion to 

moisturize and condition my hair"

DSC_5973 (1).jpg

Nessa Bella, 19 

Nessa Bella, 19 - Student

"I never expected to win, it was a nice surprise!"

"My mum used it one me as a child, we always used the Pink Sheen Spray and Pink Oil Moisturizer Lotion"

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